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Creating Recipes for Two

The season of love is finally here. Instead of vying for a reservation at a fancy formal restaurant, these easy dinner recipes are the sweetest way to show your significant other how much you care. Set the tone with a scrumptious cocktail over candlelight before diving into a delicious meal filled with love.

Made with Love

Spending Valentine’s Day with your special someone should be an all-day event, culminating in an intimate meal made for two. Nothing is more important than connecting with your Valentine, so why not create something to share together? We’re sure the memories of this day will last a lifetime, just like your love.

Starter for Two

This year, sweet treats are top of mind for Valentine’s Day, and the best way to start is with your favorite C&H® sugars. Curated from the heart, we’re sure that these fresh spins on delicious recipes for two will guarantee a Valentine’s Day dinner to remember forever.

Sweet and Spicy Brown Sugar Roasted Carrots

Did you know that sugar releases dopamine? Make your partner’s taste buds tingle with our Sweet and Spicy Brown Sugar Roasted Carrots that will put a big smile on their face. Crafted with C&H® Light Brown Sugar, these enticing veggies as a starter are great to get you in the mood for a spectacular evening.

Brown Sugar Pecan Sweet Potato Skins

Starting your Valentine’s Day with sweet potatoes for your sweetheart is a refreshing new way to get the night going. Accented with the nutty, caramel flavor of C&H® Light Brown Sugar, these potatoes might make a big statement, but they’re one of our best easy dinner recipes. Your taste buds will tingle with the confluence of soft and crunchy goodness!

Rosé Sangria

Wine is a wonderfully potent aphrodisiac, and this fruity and refreshing spin on sangria is sure to stir up feelings as you relax into your night of romance. Share a glass with your loved one, and start your meal in the same way you hope it will end — filled with big feelings and butterflies.


Fig Jam

Get your romantic dinner off to a sweet start with a charcuterie board appetizer featuring the unique flavor of our fig jam. This original recipe is made with C&H® Organic Raw Cane Sugar, ripe figs and freshly squeezed orange juice. Make a little extra to share over breakfast the next morning.

Dive Into Love (and Dinner)

Brown Sugar Bourbon Brine

The rich tenderness of red meat is a great way to show your love this Valentine's Day. Our easy-to-make brine features C&H® Dark Brown Sugar and pairs perfectly with any main course, so you can choose your lover’s favorite trimmings to show them how much you care. We think it’s an excellent accompaniment to anything coming from the heart.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are a robust ‘in vogue’ veggie that all the top restaurants are offering this Valentine’s Day. With only six simple ingredients, this Brussels sprouts recipe is sweet and salty. This is one of many easy dinner recipes for any main course.

Coconut Shrimp with Sweet Chili Sauce

The key to any successful romantic dinner is to leave your plate with nothing but smiles… and shrimp! Our crunchy coconut shrimp recipe turns up the heat with our sweet chili sauce, made with our favorite C&H® Light Brown Sugar. Enjoy as a main course or an appetizer to get your grin going.

One Sheet Vegetables with Brown Sugar-Balsamic Glaze

Cooking a romantic dinner on a weeknight might feel like a big commitment, but it couldn’t be easier with this simple recipe for delicious veggies. While we recommend a sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, and pearl onions, you can dive into creating recipes for two with your favorite veggies.

Sweet On You

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like our ravishing and richly flavored Red Velvet Cupcakes. These little blessings have been designed with butter, sugar, extra love… and frosting made with C&H®  Powdered Sugar! Not to mention that this is topped with a heart. Whether you are having a cupcake or sharing this recipe with a loved one, this treat is one that will not disappoint.


Petite Blood Orange Curd Meringues

Why not do something a little extra for Valentine’s Day 2022, like showing off your skills in these gorgeously eye-catching, crispy meringues? Bathed with whipped cream and blood orange curd, and featuring the quality and consistency C&H®  Granulated Sugar is famous for.

Brown Butter Brownies

Comfort food is the essential ending to your night together. Baking up this batch of happiness is simple with C&H® Light Brown Sugar, cocoa powder, and chocolate chips. We recommend making the batter ahead of time and cooking these butter-filled delights fresh for your beau.

Chocolate Bread

Keep the surprise and comfort food coming with this quick and easy Chocolate Bread. If you can’t finish the loaf on your Valentine’s night, we recommend this mouthwatering goodness be served as the best breakfast treat for your morning after.