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Categories: beverages / Summer

Sunset Punch & Mini Apricot Tarts

Sweet and citrusy, this rum-based treat has a tropical nuance that is filled with zesty pineapple, orange, and lemon notes. It is the perfect cocktail for warm summer nights. Pair this cocktail with sweet and decadent Mini Plum Apricot Tarts.

Sunset Punch 

Mini Plum Apricot Tarts 

Blackberry Moscow Mule & Strawberry Salad With Honey-Poppy Seed Dressing

Ginger, lime juice and sweet blackberry syrup give this traditional Moscow Mule a refreshingly fruity flair. Add an extra kick to this vodka-based cocktail with the addition of fresh mint and whole blackberries.

Blackberry Moscow Mule 

Strawberry Salad With Honey-Poppy Seed Dressing

Champagne Punch & Mimosa Cookies

Enjoy a bubbly champagne-based punch that combines champagne’s dry finish with the sweet flavors of fruit and C&H® Sugar. Champagne cocktails pair well with citrusy desserts and sweet breads. Celebrate at your next gathering by serving this delicious cocktail with Mimosa Cookies.

Champagne Punch

Mimosa Cookies

Tropical Vodka Cooler & Key Lime Pie

A vodka-based beverage, the Tropical Vodka Cooler offers a refreshing blend of peach nectar, orange juice, pineapple juice and lime. It is sweetened with the rich and delicious taste of C&H® Brown Sugar. This amazingly refreshing cocktail is perfect for your summertime brunch and also pairs well with a slice of Key Lime Pie for dessert.

Tropical Vodka Cooler

Key Lime Pie